The spirit of Azun Nature

We will welcome you in all simplicity.

You will be warmly welcomed in our campsite which has , because we wanted it, a small capacity.

We decided to pay attention to the preservation of the beautiful landscapes we are living in, and carefully did our best to create an harmonious site- our chalets look like wood, their roofs are black to blend in with nature- we have planted local species. Our living quarters have been built of stone, wood and slate to fit the local and traditional architecture.

We have tried hard to be faithful to our approach since Azun Nature’s creation; preservation and development of our natural environment . Respect and protection towards it, discovery and development of the natural, cultural and historical heritage. Trekkings, the flora and fauna, architectural heritage are values which are part of our living principles. Those values are treasures we want to share with our guests. Because to welcome people is part of us, we are totally available to guide, inform and help you throughout your stay.

Therefore if like us, you feel close to nature, you have simple and authentic values, Azun Nature will be a refuge for you, and we will be happy to help you to discover and to feel at home in this magnificent valley.

Azun Nature is fulfilling the requirements to be registered has an “Esprit Parc National” camping for the 24 pitches and for 6 cottages “Nature & Bois”, which is the official brand of the French National Parks.

Welcome to Azun Nature.

Joëlle, Yves and Fabien.

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